Coughlin 'not necessarily' finished coaching as Giants eye future role


After a memorable 12-season stint as New York Giants head coach was brought to an end this week, Tom Coughlin has hinted his career on the sideline might not be over yet.

Coughlin and the Giants parted company on Monday after registering a third-successive losing season in the NFL with a 6-10 record for 2015.

A two-time Super Bowl winner with the Giants, Coughlin held an emotional farewell media conference on Tuesday, when he was asked directly if his hunger for coaching had waned.

"Not necessarily," was the 69-year-old's response.

When pushed on whether he would accept a coaching job for 2016, Coughlin said: "I didn't say that, I just said I'm not necessarily done with coaching. Thank you for asking."

Giants co-owner and president John Mara revealed that the franchise were hopeful of keeping Coughlin on board, with the veteran coach's eye for a player something the team could still use.

"When [co-owner Steve Tisch] and I talked to him yesterday, I asked him if he would consider staying on in some capacity," Mara said.

"I don't want to let all that knowledge walk out the door. I asked him to think about it over the next few days, ways that he might be able to help us going forward.

"He agreed to do that and I don't think either one of us have an idea yet exactly what form that might take. But let's face it, he brings a unique perspective. He knows our team as well as anybody, he knows the league as well as anybody, and there may be some capacity in which he could help."

Coughlin also delivered an impassioned message for Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who was visibly moved to tears by his coach's words.

"He can handle it all. He's done it before, he'll handle it again," Coughlin said of Manning's ability to perform under a new regime for the first time in his career.

"He's extremely bright, he's extremely competitive. He's what you want.

"I mean, he thinks he's the reason. He's not the reason that I'm [leaving]. Eli, it's not you. It's us.

"We win, we lose together. Remember, when we lose, I lose. When we win, you guys win. 

"That's the way it is. That's the game. I know what it is. I got the game. 

"But what I would tell him? He's going to be right back here in about two days, starting to work on next year, just like he always does. That's never going to change and God bless him for it."