Zieler caught up in Dubai fire drama


Hannover goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler had a more eventful mid-season break than he bargained for after seeing his Dubai hotel room destroyed by fire.

Zieler was a guest at The Address hotel in the emirate that went up in flames on New Year's Eve but fortunately was dining at a nearby restaurant when the blaze broke out.

Just 14 minor injuries were reported after the incident which caused widespread damage to the 63-storey building and gutted Zieler's room on the 12th floor.

The Germany international told a media conference on Monday: "It was more eventful than we wanted."

The fire meant all Zieler's possessions were lost.

"We only had the clothes we were wearing at the time," he added. "We had to do some shopping the next day."

Zieler, 26, had to attend the German consulate in Dubai to get a new passport before he could return home.