NZC boss White not concerned by Amir selection


New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief executive David White said he is comfortable with the selection of convicted spot-fixer Mohammad Amir in Pakistan's one-day international and Twenty20 squads for the upcoming tour of New Zealand.

Amir was handed a five-year ban and spent three months in prison for agreeing to deliberately deliver no balls in a Test against England in 2010 but the paceman is back in the international fold ahead of the opening T20 on January 15 after his suspension ended in September.

Furthermore, White said NZC would most likely support the Pakistani's visa application, should the Pakistan Cricket Board request assistance.

"First and foremost he's been cleared to play all forms of cricket by the ICC [International Cricket Council]. We're guided by them," White said.

"We haven't discussed it at board level but my personal view is he was a very, very young man - a boy really.

"He showed remorse at the time, admitted to it. He's gone through all the rehabilitation and education as prescribed by the ICC. I'm personally comfortable with him coming to New Zealand and playing.

"I think we'd help [with the visa process]. I haven't spoken to the board about it but my gut feel is that would be the consensus."

White said he was confident that his views were shared by the team, and did not expect any trouble from fans.

"They've spoken to the players and I think the general consensus is pretty much my position. My thoughts are mirrored by the team," White said.

"I think our fans understand the game, they're respectful of the opposition, I don't envisage any problems there at all."

Retiring Black Caps Test captain Brendon McCullum echoed White's comments on Sunday, telling Radio Sport: "The ICC has allowed him to make some steps back into international cricket and we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

"There are so many circumstances involved in how each case is played out. He was a very young man at the time and I think he's gone through a sound rehabilitation programme and ultimately if he gets out on the field against us, then you play against the man you're playing against not a man who may have made some mistakes as a youngster."

Amir was just 17 when he debuted for Pakistan, and has impressed selectors while playing in Bangladesh's domestic T20 league, taking 14 wickets in nine matches.