Verstappen hoping for competitive Toro Rosso in 2016


Max Verstappen believes Toro Rosso can challenge higher up the Formula One grid in 2016 if the constructor can find a more competitive engine.

Red Bull's sister team finished seventh in the constructors championship in 2015, with Verstappen outscoring his team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr by 31 points over the 19 races.

Throughout the season Verstappen showed potential to secure a podium place, however his highest finishes came in Hungary and United States as he came home fourth.

"I hope we have a bit more horsepower [in 2016] then we can fight with Force India and the Lotus cars," he told ESPN. 

"Fifty horsepower more makes your life so much easier because you can control the guys behind you - definitely the Mercedes cars in front can control us and we have to push very hard in the corners to catch up all the time, you can lengthen your stint and everything gets easier.

"I think if we had a really good engine we would have been on the podium, not all the time but sometimes when people were retiring.

"We have to be realistic because Mercedes and Ferrari would have been a bit in front but we could have definitely challenged Williams."