Ryder Cup could change German perspective of golf - Kaymer


Martin Kaymer believes staging the Ryder Cup in Germany could alter the country's perspective on golf.

Germany missed out on the chance to host the 2018 competition as the Albatros Course at Le Golf National in France was selected as the venue.

However, Germany has submitted an official bid to stage the 2022 tournament, with Austria, Italy and Spain also in the running.

Kaymer holed the winning putt for Europe in 2012 as they pulled off a remarkable final-day comeback from 10-6 down to win the Ryder Cup with a recovery known as the Miracle at Medinah.

Dusseldorf-born Kaymer was also part of the victorious Europe teams of 2010 and 2014 and said: "If Ryder cup would come to Germany it would be nice to see if the typical stereotypes still exist.

"[In Germany] a golfer is over 60 years old and already a pensioner. I guess that would be the chance to create something similar to the Boris Becker and Steffi Graf effect in tennis back in the day. 

"The goal would be to make golf more interesting for people in our age. It really is not about how much money one has, or what status one has or would like to have. I think it would be the possibility to change the perspective of the whole sport.

"My wish is that we all, including the media, people from Germany and even the government, pull together. Not for the moneymaking or promotion. It just should be all about the sport itself."