Wenger shocked by Paris terrorist attacks


Arsene Wenger has expressed his shock at last Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris and has revealed he was in the French capital when they occurred.

Latest figures from French officials report 129 people were killed and several more remain critical after what appeared to be co-ordinated terror acts, with the Stade de France among the targets during the international friendly between France and Germany.

"It was a huge shock for our country. I was not far from the events. To discover how much your own citizens hate you is a big shock," Wenger said at a news conference.

"I would like to thank the English community who showed great solidarity."

Tuesday's international friendly between Germany and Netherlands was called off over security fears, but Wenger feels German police might have over-reacted and has urged people to get on with life.

"The danger in this situation is to over-react a little bit and I think that is what happened," he added.

"The way for us is to get on with life and respond in a positive way to the situation.

"You cannot just stop everything. 

"You have to trust politicians to make the right decisions. France is a tolerant society."