El Clasico police presence to be doubled - Martinez


The Spanish secretary of state for security, Francisco Martinez, has confirmed the police presence at Real Madrid's meeting with Barcelona on Saturday will be doubled.

Following the terror attacks in Paris on Friday, international friendlies between Belgium and Spain, as well as Germany and Netherlands, were cancelled for security reasons.

With Madrid set to face fierce rivals Barca in one of the greatest spectacles in modern football on Saturday, Spain's anti-violence commission met to discuss preparations.

As a result, Martinez announced that twice the typical amount of security personnel will be deployed at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"We will have intensive security measures and we will strengthen the number of regular police with double the officers," Martinez said.

"There will be at least 1000 officers of the national police corps and another 1400 private security personnel, to which you must add the municipal police, Samur [medical staff] and firefighters."

The commission declared that the fixture is considered "high risk" but encouraged fans to attend as normal.