Bangkok half-marathon extended to nearly 17 miles


Organisers of the Bangkok half-marathon have been subjected to heavy criticism after the race was accidentally extended from 13 miles to nearly 17.

The extra miles came about as a result of race officials directing participants in the event - organised partly by the Jogging Association of Thailand - in the Thai capital to make a U-turn in the wrong place, according to the The Athletic Association of Thailand's (AAT) secretary general Surapong Ariyamongkol.

"It added more than 3km [1.8 miles] to each lap, therefore more than 6km were added to the whole half-marathon," Surapong said. "We have rebuked the association but we could not do anything else."

Surapong's words were no comfort to a host of angry runners, who let their anger be known through a plethora of comments criticising the error.

One competitor wrote on Facebook: "This is outrageous. A 'world class' event making its runners run 28.5kms instead of 21.1kms without any prior announcement or information is totally unacceptable.

"I am suffering an injury to my heel due to the extra strain of the extra 8kms I had to put in....I am annoyed, irate and in pain."

Another added: "Just returned to my house having completed the Bangkok half marathon. According to my GPS watch it was 27.8kms!!! 

"I am utterly disgusted that a marathon that prides itself and markets itself as one of the best in South East Asia, cannot get the distance right. Last year it was less than 20kms, this year well they have outdone themselves this time. 

"I feel sorry for those first time guys who have trained for months for a particular finish time and then to have this happen to them. Needless to say I will vote with my feet and never again participate in this joke of an event."