North: I couldn't even wash the dishes after concussion


Wales wing George North has revealed he struggled to complete menial tasks such as washing the dishes after being sidelined with a third concussion in five months.

North was ordered to take an extended break from rugby following that run of head injuries, but was back to help Wales to the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup and returned to action with Northampton Saints last weekend.

And the 23-year-old has opened up about the extent of his symptoms.

"In my day-to-day life I take an absolute beating and then if I can't wash some dishes then something's not quite right," North told the Daily Telegraph.

Discussing his five-month lay-off, North added: "Rugby players are creatures of habit. We rock up on Monday, we train and we play. That's what we are designed to do.

"When one man says you can't do that for a set period of time, it is difficult to accept, especially when you have not got a cast on, you are not on crutches and there's not bits of you stitched back on.

"It is frustrating because you feel fine but then you do certain things and get the symptoms again. It took me a month to deal with it in the sense that there's not much I can do about it and all I can really do is rest.

"Between Wales and Northampton the care I had was brilliant. It opened my eyes massively to concussion and how relevant it is in rugby with the development of how big people are, how fast they run and how hard they are hitting.

"It was time I needed to have and, touch wood, now I am back firing and feeling good."