Murray wants drug test investment to restore 'fading' trust


Tennis star Andy Murray has called for greater investment and transparency with regards anti-doping measures to restore the "fading" trust in sport.

An independent commission sanctioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency this week called for the All-Russia Athletic Federation (ARAF) to be suspended over allegations of "corruption and bribery" at the highest levels of international athletics, in a scandal engulfing the sport.

World number two Murray wants to ensure that tennis avoids a similar fate, and believes that more money should be spent on anti-doping methods.

"This year I have been tested more than ever before," Murray said ahead of the ATP World Tour Finals. 

"But to be honest it's getting to the stage where that doesn't even matter anymore. Lance Armstrong said that he had never failed a drugs test so it doesn't necessarily guarantee anything.

"But I do think the more transparency, the better. And I think that we as a sport could invest more money in the anti-doping process. 

"The prize money now is so, so high that there's no reason for us not to make it as perfect as possible.

"The more money that's invested in it gives you a better chance of catching everyone that's cheating, and also gaining the trust of the public as well, which I think across sport in general is fading."

Murray's sentiments were echoed by 17-time grand slam winner Roger Federer, who feels more testing is needed to deter players from cheating.

"If you make the quarters of any tournament where the points are greater, in my opinion you should be tested," he said. 

"I'm always surprised, I win a tournament, I walk off the court and it's like, 'where's the doping guy?' Shouldn't he be testing the finalists?

"Players need to feel that there are going to be tests often, shying them away from any stupid thought they might be having."