Austin may lose Grand Prix due to funding cuts


The future of the United States Grand Prix in Austin is in doubt due to a cut in state funding for the race.

Just three years after the US Grand Prix returned to the calendar it has emerged that there are concerns over finance to continue staging the Texas extravaganza.

State funding for the GP in Austin has this year been reduced by 20 per cent to around $19.5million, with $25m having been stumped up in the previous three years.

And Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone revealed that shortfall may spell the end of the race at the Circuit of the Americas.

"If it's changed, it's going to be difficult to continue the race in Austin," Ecclestone told the American-Statesman at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Circuit of the Americas chairman Bobby Epstein also fears the writing is on the wall.

"To use a technical term, I think we're screwed. The state clearly made promises," he said.

"I think we made a deal and we lived up to our end of the deal.

"It's like if you go to a restaurant and order a dinner, and then after you've eaten the meal they change the price."

Lewis Hamilton has won three of the four years in Austin and retained his world title in Texas last month.