Trust in England squad is shot - Brown


Mike Brown says trust in the England squad is "completely shot" as a result of damaging stories in the wake of their disastrous Rugby World Cup campaign.

England became the first host nation to be eliminated in the group stages of the showpiece tournament, leaving the future of head coach Stuart Lancaster shrouded in doubt.

Full-back Brown has hit out at reports of players in the team speaking anonymously to condemn Lancaster in the inquest that has followed, insisting that no one had played well enough to dish out criticism.

The Harlequins star is also frustrated at news that emerged over the weekend that kit manager Dave Tennison is under investigation by the Rugby Football Union over claims he advised players to invest money in an energy firm only for share prices to plummet.

And Brown says the revelations have damaged trust in the camp, telling The Telegraph: "There has been a story at the weekend which is absolutely ridiculous so the trust has gone now as far as I am concerned.

"I worked so hard to play in a World Cup and I am passionate about playing for England.

"It is just difficult because we have not left it in a good place and it doesn't help with all these people deciding to pipe up in the squad that probably shouldn't be, probably anonymously.

"I don't think anyone was good enough in an England shirt to be piping up saying 'this was wrong, that was wrong' and that sort of thing.

"If they are going to say something, I think they should put their name to it. That is going to make it even more difficult when we do meet up because I think the trust has been, as you can imagine, completely shot now."

Brown, though, insists England will move on, adding: "It is going to be hard for me to call anyone team-mates until we meet up. Everything good is built on trust. Everything good at Harlequins is built on trust.

"There is no trust [with England] now, as far as I am concerned. But it will all get sorted out with whoever is in charge or whoever is there. It will get sorted out, to move the team forwards, it always does in team environments."