Powerboat drivers survive dramatic flip

Drivers Survive Dramatic Speedboat Flip
The crew of a powerboat were lucky to escape with their lives when their boat flipped in Australia last weekend.

Drivers Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali of Team Dubai were taking part in the XCAT Gold Coast Grand Prix when the accident happened.

Travelling at speeds close to 200 km per hour, the pair lost control of their powerboat as they rushed to the finish line.

Their boat suddenly became upright before it flipped into the air, creating a massive splash and shocking bystanders.

A rescue team rushed to the scene and fortunately it was reported that both drivers emerged from the crash unscathed.

However, the two-engined carbon-fibre speedboat was damaged and a team member was pictured working on repairs straight after the incident, reports the Daily Mail.

'Formula One on the water'

The competition organisers took to Facebook to post a comment on the crash and reassure fans: "There were thrills and spills today and this one was definitely a spill!...Both drivers are OK and safe, thanks to the speedy response of the Bergamo rescue squad!"

Often described as 'Formula One on the water', XCAT which is short for extreme catamaran is one of the most competitive and extreme from of boat racing.

The World Series which runs from the August 21 to August 23 is a show of speed, as 14 teams challenge each other to the finish line.

This year's race took place at Douglas Jennings Park and is the fourth round of the competition. The event continues to draw in large crowds from all around the world.
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