Bernie Ecclestone to propose return of V10 engines in F1


Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone wants to bring back the growling V10 engines that were once common place on the starting grid. In a meeting with journalists this week, Ecclestone said he intends to bring up the idea of re-introducing the louder 'normally aspirated' engines for 2016 at the next meeting of F1's top bosses.

Formula 1 teams are currently limited to using 1.6-litre V6 engines, but Ecclestone wants manufacturers to go back to their roots and make bigger engines with more roar.

The V10s first appeared during the 1980s with Honda's 675hp engine enabling Alain Prost to win the 1989 championship ahead of then team mate Ayrton Senna. Since then, race organisers have been gradually restricting the number of valves per engine, favouring quieter, energy saving ones.

But Bernie believes V10s could be due a comeback. However, he may face stiff competition from both Formula 1 executives and some of the manufacturers who have spent vast sums of money perfecting the smaller engines.

Mercedes are rumoured to be opposed to any such move, and Volkswagen who have long mooted that it might enter a team into F1 are against the idea also, according to the BBC.

When quizzed by journalists on Mercedes' potential opposition to such a move, Ecclestone replied, "We probably shouldn't ask Mercedes." However, he did continue by saying it would be "a bit of a dream for them to build a normally-aspirated engine and develop it to about 1000 horse power", according to

The meeting is due to take place on December 18. Would you like to see the mighty V10s return to Formula 1?

By Matt Hussey