Motor racing to follow Olympics to London?


While we are all basking in the Olympics afterglow, there are serious efforts being made to turn the stadium into a Formula One venue.

A Formula One track is one of the four potential legacy uses being considered by London Legacy Development Corporation, and other motorsport developments in the last week could prove helpful.

London has long been seen as an attractive backdrop for a British Grand Prix. Santander, the sponsor of McLaren, commissioned a video in June of this year about a circuit using central London, back in 2010 Mark Webber drove his Red Bull around Parliament Square, and in 2004 Formula cars drove up Regent Street, drawing a crowd of 500,000.

Hence the demand is there, but the implications of closing central London for a weekend are just too serious. However, the success of the Olympic stadium has made it an iconic backdrop in its own right – and it would be far easier to use the area around Stratford than Westminster.

The news this week that Red Bull has become the global promoter of the World Rally Championship might also be positive. As the owners of Mark Webber's team, they know all about the power of London, and a motorsports facility in Stratford could provide a venue for the Super Special stage of a British WRC rally. It would be just the sort of thing that marketing-savvy Red Bull could use to try and re-invigorate the World Rally Championship.

See the video below of Mark Webber's 2010 London adventure.