Video: Red Bull takes to Texan streets


American cartoons and stereotypes have taught us that a doughnut in a Red Bull on a Texan street would normally have been dropped by a local policeman trying to get through the night shift.

But with the Formula 1 circus coming to visit next year, this time it was the seemingly omnipresent David Coulthard who was performing a few stunts to show the locals that racing cars need not only go around in a loop for several hours.

He proceeded to hurtle down a selection of local streets, showing off the car's pace, before showing just what an F1 car can do to a set of tyres by engulfing various spectators in clouds of tyre smoke, thanks to a series of doughnuts.

Those that witnessed the event certainly seemed taken by the display, although Ecclestone and co will be hoping there are a few more crowds at the track than there were on the streets of Austin this weekend.

Click below to see the car in action.