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72 toilet rolls for £24 is a boring but essential deal worth buying

Bag a bargain with this 72-pack of toilet roll that will save you money and a trip to the shops. (Amazon/Yahoo Life UK)
Bag a bargain with this 72-pack of toilet roll that will save you money and a trip to the shops. (Amazon/Yahoo Life UK)

Toilet roll is one of those boring, basic purchases that we all buy on repeat. So if we spot a bargain, we share it. We've spotted a saving on a 72-pack of toilet roll on Amazon this week that's hard to beat. That works out at just 34p per roll - bargain.

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    Save £9
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Ok, so this may not be the most thrilling purchase, but it's often the little mundane wins that give you a mini buzz.

Bulk-buying loo roll will save you money in the long run, and avoid you spending more on smaller packs at your local supermarket. You can never go wrong with stocking up on the household essentials, after all no one likes finding out someone in the family took the last toilet roll without saying.

Now for just £24.49 you can snap up a multi-pack that will last you ages. It has added eco-conscious credentials too, with packaging made from 30% recycled materials and the three-ply rolls themselves are a blend of sustainable sourced fibre and virgin pulp.

Why we rate it

Perfectly sized to fit on any toilet roll holder, or to stack neatly in a bathroom basket, this multi-pack of Splesh by Cusheen rolls will save you several trips to the supermarket over the next few months.

The best part is you won't need to carry them home or unpack from your car. Simply place an order and wait for them to arrive right on your doorstep.

They're also quilted and three-ply (meaning there are three layers of tissue paper) for extra absorbency.

Toilet roll may not be the most exciting bargain, but there's no denying bulk buying household essentials is a smart move. 

£24 at Amazon

Last but not least, they have a deco-embossed design, which while not essential, does add a nice luxury finish.

What the reviews say

There are over 10,000 ratings from Amazon shoppers, over 80% of which are four and five-star ratings.

Shoppers describe the household essential as "high quality, "great value" and "very cost-effective".

Many also reinforce that the tissue is "very soft" and one returning customer even said it's their favourite budget toilet paper.

They're not the only one, a scroll through the reviews and you'll see quite a few people said it's "just as good" as more expensive brands that cost almost three times as much.

How they compare price-wise

If you're wondering just how good this saving is compared to other retailers, we've done a bit of digging.

While you won't find family packs of 72 toilet rolls at the supermarket, we've crunched some numbers to discover just how good value the pack is.

For starters, buying 72 rolls of Andrex (which we all know is the most elite loo roll), will set you back £43.99 on eBay or £40.99 at The Range. We have managed to find it cheaper on Amazon where it's also on sale, coming in at £30 (down from £37.50).

Shop now: Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Rolls - 72 Toilet Roll Pack | £30 (Was £37.50) from Amazon

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Sainsbury's sells a 32-pack of Cushelle White XXL Toilet Rolls for £16, which isn't a bad deal – buying two of them would give you 64 toilet rolls for £32.

Another popular deal is the 24 pack of Velvet toilet roll on Amazon, which is £8.50. Buying three packs would get you up to 72 rolls for £25.50.

So, it's clear that Amazon's Splesh by Cusheen Toilet Roll Bulk Buy is the best and most practical deal you'll find as it can be delivered straight to your door with no hassle.

Shop now: Velvet Classic Quilted Toilet Paper Bulk Buy, 24 White 3 ply Toilet Tissue Rolls | £8.50 from Amazon

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You can also buy fragranced versions, the Aloe Vera-scented loo roll is currently £32.99, as is the lavender scented version.

Shop now: Splesh by Cusheen Toilet Roll Bulk Buy - Fresh Aloe Vera Fragrance (72 Pack) | £32.99 (Was £34.49) from Amazon

Shop now: Splesh by Cusheen Toilet Roll Bulk Buy - Lavender Fragrance (72 Pack) | £32.99 (Was £34.49) from Amazon

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