Video of Spanish surfer arrested for breaching coronavirus quarantine goes viral

A video of a Spanish surfer being arrested after breaching coronavirus quarantine rules has gone viral.

In the footage, the woman can be seen trying to escape capture by police before being handcuffed and taken away.

The woman - who had tested positive for COVID-19 - was arrested on Monday at Zurriola beach in San Sebastián, in Spain’s Basque Country, after going surfing when she should have been in quarantine.

After confirming that she was meant to be at home, several officers – some in protective suits to avoid contagion – attempted to remove the woman from the water.

Video footage captured a struggle as the woman, a lifeguard, refused to stop surfing and tried to flee from the officers.

She was arrested for disobeying authorities and crimes against public health.

The security department of the Basque regional government said the officers were notified around noon that a woman who had tested positive for the coronavirus was surfing at a beach, instead of observing her quarantine.

A rescue crew approached the woman on a lifeboat and told her to go to the shore. However, she ignored the orders and did not leave the water for another hour.

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When she finally came out, police arrested her for disobeying law enforcement officials. She will also be fined for breaking her quarantine.

The video of the arrest went viral within hours.

According to some sources, the police were tipped off by the woman’s own colleagues who knew she was not meant to be outside and saw her enter the water.

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