Smart Husky Takes on New Jersey Heatwave by Finding the Coldest Spot to Chill In

Shutterstock/Alex Zotov

With summer finally here, lots of our dogs can quickly get overheated and look for ways to stay cool. Take for example a Husky. They have thick, double coats, so it would make sense that they'd be hot, especially in the heat! Moon is an adorable Husky who calls New Jersey home. They've been experiencing a heat wave there lately, and Moon found the perfect spot in the house to seek relief from the heat.

The video is short and starts with Moon's mom walking down the family's hallway towards the bathroom. There she finds Moon in one of the coolest spots in the house...the bathtub! He looks very comfy in his chill spot, and I bet he's loving the coldness of the tub.

Well, this dog is a genius! Moon knows how to cool down fast, and I doubt he's going to give up his spot anytime soon! Commenter @yes gets it too, "My Husky loves the cold tile in bathroom!" @giraffelady shared, "Ours just lays on the vent and soaks up the AC. Good choice friend!" That's what my dog does too!

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How To Keep Dogs Cool in the Heat

My puppy gets very hot, very fast and so we are always looking for different ways to keep her cool. Since we don't have a pool, we use other ways to let her play and get wet while outside. My dog loves it when we put her water bowl outside and fill it with ice cubes. She loves bobbing for the cubes which helps to cool her off. She makes a huge mess, so I don't recommend trying this while inside!

Water toys that can be hooked up to a hose are always a hit. And you don't even need to buy fancy toys. We hook our rotating sprinkler up to the hose and water our plants while the dog runs through it.

You can make frozen, hydrating treats, too. Pupsicles are a favorite and can be made with whatever you have on hand. We sometimes use bone broth, yogurt, or blended fruits. Place them in a silicon mold or ice cube tray and freeze for a few hours. Dogs also like 'ice cream'; you can find these pup cups in some grocery stores or make your own by freezing Greek yogurt and peanut butter.

With 4th of July right around the corner, these popsicles are dog and human friendly, and you'll probably remember them from your childhood! If you have an itchy dog, these frozen treats will help alleviate some of the itch. My dogs love them. Seasonal allergies are common in many dog breeds, so if your dog is itching, licking, or biting at its paws and backside, give these allergy pops a shot. They work great as well (and also work as breath mints!)

We all love smoothies, and I bet your dog will, too. Dog smoothies are a quick and easy fresh treat that can be made with fruits, veggies, berries, and electrolyte water. Use what you have on hand and your dog will be a happy, hydrated pup ready for more fun in the sun, or a snooze on the bathroom tiles.

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