Sky News presenter Vanessa Baffoe makes fun of herself after losing track of time


Sky News presenter Vanessa Baffoe struggled to keep track of the time in her early morning report yesterday (9 February).

She was seen picking up after an advertisement break with: "This is Sky News, it's midnight". Much to her immediate surprise, though, that wasn't accurate.

"Oh, it's one o'clock!" she said, correcting herself before a slightly awkward pause, because even that was wrong. "It's two o'clock... There you go, time absolutely flying by. Let's bring you this morning's headlines shall we?" smiled the journalist before a US presidential piece played out.

Baffoe saw the funny side on social media sites X and Instagram afterwards, uploading a clip of her double blunder.

"Fellow night shift workers let me hear you!" she captioned it alongside laughing emojis. "Just waking up to this clip going wild on Twitter (OK, X!) and I literally can't stop laughing! So, now we've worked out the time - can somebody tell me what day it is?!"

Baffoe's Sky News colleague Max Preston made sure to mention in the comments: "Is this the wrong moment to point out I was there and am a supportive-enough colleague that I managed not to laugh? (... just!)".

"One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock rock.... Are you gonna rock around the clock tonight, Vanessa?" joked one X user, while another added: "This made me smile. At least we know it's LIVE (even in the early hours) @VanessaBaffoe."

Someone else wrote: "I thought she sounded tired when listening to her here in Singapore", but a fourth Sky News viewer seemed much more empathetic with their response.

"And what a ray of sunshine at whatever time it was. Lovely Vanessa. Overnights!!!!" they shared.

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