Sisters Include Dachshund in ‘Girls Night’ and the Pup Couldn’t Be Happier

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We call them our fur-children, but dogs who grow up with our kids really are like one of our own. And it's so clear that kids feel that way too. Take a video of two sisters including their Dachshund in their girl's night activities. The little pup fit right in.

Mom April must've been walking by when she saw her two — we mean three — kids having playtime by the mirror.

In the video April posted, it showed her two young girls have a night in. It looks like her elder daughter was reading a picture book to her younger daughter. And what's this? A third sister? Nope, it was their long-haired Dachshund sitting up like one of the girls.

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"My dog is fully engaged in girls night," the video's text overlay reads. "Lola loves being included," she added. You can say that again.

It must feel like the two girls are growing up with a third sister. People in the comments section were positively swooning over their adorable relationship. "Sometimes all they want is to feel included and needed," wrote one person. "Omg why did this make me want to cry?" another commenter wondered. "I can just imagine her thinking this is so fun," chimed in one person. "This is sooooo cute, those are her sisters!" exclaimed one woman.

Dogs That Are Good With Kids

Not every dog can be a good girl like Lola. But if you're looking to adopt a dog and you have a family here are some of the best family-friendly breeds.

The first dog should be a no-brainer: Labrador Retrievers. There's a reason why everyone loves a Lab! These dogs are both affable and outgoing. They play well with others and are eager-to-please. Easy to train, Labs make excellent pets.

Irish Setters are another breed that are great with kids. Another eager-to-please and easily trained breed, Irish Setters are high-energy and love to be outdoors. They also get along well with other animals, making them an all-around great pet.

Brussels Griffons are a lessor known breed that come in a small package. But don't discount them! These little guys are spunky, but because of their size can be perfect for apartment living. They're also very high-energy, so just make sure to keep an eye on them when playing with kids.

If you love a big dog, Newfoundlands are sweet, smart, and loyal dogs. They have extreme patience and are known for being loyal companions.

No promises if your dog will join in on girls night like Lola did. But they might just come close.

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