Siberian Kitten Who Loves Making 'Air Biscuits' Has Been On a Roll Since He Was 2 Months Old


There are so many reasons to love cats, from their entertaining personalities to their zen, relaxing vibes. No two cats are the same, of course, but there are several feline behaviors that cat owners know and love... like making biscuits!

This is the popular term given to the kneading action that cats do with their paws when they're feeling content, but even this cute name doesn't do it justice. When cats make biscuits, all is right in the world! It's such a sweet behavior to witness--just ask @dragon.tiger18. This cat owner has two sweet Siberian cats, Dragon and Tiger, but it's Dragon who recently stole the spotlight with his adorable 'air biscuits.' He's gone viral a few times for his kneading skills, and it seems like he's done it again with a precious July 7 update.

Aww! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when cats make biscuits like Dragon is doing, but I think air biscuits are my new favorite thing. It's almost like he's dog-paddling in the air, but in reality, he's just very, very content. Imagine if humans made biscuits every time they were happy!

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Commenter @rh12023 admitted, "I called them 'diet biscuits' (because they're made of air, so fewer calories) when my old cat did that!" LOL! That's very clever, but it's also very sweet to know that other content kitties make air biscuits, too. And here I thought that this was a unique quirk!

The cat owner gave viewers this adorable update because kittens make biscuits a lot more often than adult cats do. Several viewers thought that he'd outgrow this behavior before long, but at nine months old, this tabby cat is still kneading the air whenever he expresses joy. How sweet!

Why Do Kittens Knead?

As adorable as kneading is, it's not exactly a unique behavior among young kittens. That's because kittens knead on their mother when feeding to help her produce more milk. It also helps release the feel-good chemical oxytocin in the kittens and the mother cat, which in turn helps Mom and babies bond.

Because oxytocin also makes the kittens feel content, many cats continue this behavior well into adulthood. They may also suckle a blanket or soft object to mimic suckling on their mother, or they may purr happily while they knead. Every kitty makes biscuits their own way!

Some cats may knead while making nests and getting comfy, just like their wild ancestors did. Instead of patting down grass and beds of leaves, though, your pet cat will be fluffing up blankets and pillows, just like the royalty they are.

All in all, kneading is a cute and normal behavior that you can enjoy without guilt. Cats who knead feel safe, comfy, and happy!

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