Siberian Huskies Stage 'Sit In" at Dog Park When Dad Says It's Time To Leave

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Anytime someone posts their pet or their baby on social media, they open up an entire can of worms in the form of unsolicited advice. You may think you’re simply sharing a cute or funny video of your pet or child but actually you are displaying hte number one cause for the downfall of humanity. Did you know that what you are doing is actually abuse? Are you aware that it betrays a deep failure on your part? A random person on the internet is more than happy to tell you exactly why, and how no child or pet of their would ever act in that way, and how much you should be ashamed of yourself for treating yours in that manner, or permitting whatever cute behavior you have made the mistake of putting online. It’s enough to want to hide in a cave, where there’s no Wi-Fi.

Take this Husky owner, who makes a habit of posting funny videos of his strong-willed pups whenever they exercise their stubbornness, and always gets plenty of unasked-for advice.

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In this video, a man patiently explains that when his dogs throw a temper tantrum about leaving the dog park, they stage a sit-in and refuse to budge.

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As soon as he did, his social media pages were flooded with commentary from people saying that they could solve the problem through certain behaviors. “Oh, just get really excited and run away,” a standard bit of advice goes. “They’ll follow you.”

Except they don’t.

They just sit there, staring at him like he’s a lunatic.

“It doesn’t work,” he explains to the naysayers. “They’re too smart for that.”

A Mind of Their Own

This social media account, “Siberianderpskies,” makes a habit of posting videos of their Huskies, Leia and Archer, “going on strike” performing “sit ins” and otherwise showing what a stubborn breed they can be. Anyone who has ever had a Husky in their life and confirm that this is standard behavior, and one of the most endearing and also exasperating characteristics of this type of dog.

Is a Siberian Husky Right For You?

Siberian Husky are a popular breed of dog due to their distinctive, wolflike appearance, but admiring one and keeping one are two entirely different stories. They are an intelligent, highly energetic dog that needs companionship, careful training, and lots of exercise to keep from becoming destructive.

They are also known for being independent and stubborn, streaks that come hand in hand with their strong working drive and intelligence. And thus you get behaviors like this hilarious “sit in.”

On top of this, they go through a shedding season and, in summer, like to dig in the garden to find a cool place to sleep. Hey, they are bred for the tundra!

But anyone who knows and love huskies thinks this is just part of the charm.

“I feel like this is the beginning of your villain origin story,” says one person, sympathetically, in comments.

“People without independent big personality dogs will never understand,” says another. “They think we don’t try everything…our dogs just don’t give a s___ and that’s why we love them.”

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