Siamese Kitten's Precious Way of 'Remembering' Cat Sibling Who Passed Is Everything

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No one knows your pets better than you do. Even after they're gone, the bond between you and them never disappears. One woman swears that her new Siamese cat is channeling her "soul cat" who passed. She even shared a video of the kitty "paying tribute" to her late pet and now people in the comments section are so emotional.

The Los Angeles, California cat mama shared video of her new cat laying out on the couch with her. But then the pet did something that surprised her.

The act even prompted Jess to declare that she "doesn't believe in coincidences anymore."

As the video shows, Jess' late cat had a favorite position on her couch. It loved to hang over the edge of the seat and stretch.

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"My cat passed away from cancer a few weeks ago doing his favorite stretch in his favorite spot," she explained in the text overlay.

Flash forward to her Siamese kitten and it does the exact same stretch, in the exact same way. It can't be a coincidence — right?

People in the comments section thought it was too spooky to be random. "So, stretch on the sofa just like this, yeah that's it, she loved it, tell her I said hi," one person wrote, as if speaking for her cat who passed. "I’ve never seen a cat stretch like that, that’s an INSANE sign," someone else added. "I’ve never seen a kitty do this. How sweet and perfect. A little 'I’m okay mom!' from your baby," a third commenter agreed. "Your kitten was sent by your past cat. It’s definitely a thing that happens," chimed in one commenter.

Saying Goodbye to Your Cat

It's not easy, but eventually we all will have to say goodbye to our pets. In fact, it's safe to say the whole process is absolutely crushing. There are, however, ways to soften the blow and ease the pain.

If you have time to plan your goodbye, try to make your cat's final days count. Spend quality time together, try and keep them warm if they're older and underweight, and give them special spaces that are quiet and peaceful. You might want to rearrange your home to make moving around easier for your cat. Place their litter box near their bed and put ramps near high perches that your cat likes to frequent.

Try and give your loved ones a chance to say farewell to your cat too. They'll love the attention and it'll give you comfort that you aren't going through this loss alone. Death isn't easy, but these tips can slow the process down and make it a little easier.

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