Shelter Cats' Taking Their Adoption Photos Are Reminiscent of School Picture Day

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If I had a dollar for every embarrassing school picture I took as a child...well, I'd only have about $10. I feel grateful that those awkwardly posed portraits aren't something adults do (aside from a driver's license or passport picture, of course) because most of my school pictures were not flattering. Maybe it was the harsh lighting or my chronically unruly hair, but school picture day was never my friend.

Although nothing can be done for the generations of students to come who will be forced to endure picture day, I'm glad to report that picture day for shelter animals is a lot more fun (and a lot more adorable). Just ask the photographer who had the honor of taking pictures for TAPS Animal Shelter! This Illinois shelter is home to dozens of cats and dogs who are ready to find their forever people, and I have a feeling this behind-the-scenes peek at shelter cats having their portraits taken just might do the trick.

Check out the precious March 27 video!

Aww! Each of these kitties is cuter than the last, and my heart was nearly a puddle by the end of the video. How do the photographer and animal shelter volunteers get anything done with these cuties around? Dressing up cats in ties and bow ties has got to be one of the best jobs at the shelter, and it's just a happy bonus that it helps them catch the eyes of potential pet adopters, too.

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In fact, the spell they're putting on viewers is already working! One commenter asked about a foster-to-adopt program because she'd like to make sure her current cat would get along with a new friend before fully committing. How smart! Many shelters and animal rescues offer foster programs and meet-and-greet options because they want to make sure everyone's happy with the arrangement.

Do Photos Get Animals Adopted?

This video may have you wondering why it's so important to have a photographer visit the animal shelter. Even if it's just a volunteer with a cell phone, the right picture can be the difference between whether or not a cat or dog gets adopted. True--many cats meet their new owner at an adoption event or other in-person meeting, but the majority of adopters go online before anything else. A cute picture could inspire someone to come meet the pet of their dreams!

It's not always easy, or possible, to get excellent pictures of every shelter cat, but any improvement can make a difference. If it takes a costume bow tie and a few delicious cat treats for a bribe--so be it!

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