Shania Twain teases Glastonbury show saying there will be no costume changes

Shania Twain has teased how her Glastonbury slot will unfold ahead of her legends afternoon show.

The Canadian singer, known for hits including Man! I Feel Like A Woman! and That Don’t Impress Me Much, will perform next Sunday at the Worthy Farm festival in Somerset.

Other artists including Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Diana Ross, Kylie Minogue and Dame Shirley Bassey have all filled the coveted slot on the Pyramid Stage.

Shania Twain with Vernon Kay (James Watkins/BBC)
Shania Twain with Vernon Kay (James Watkins/BBC)

Twain, 58, told Vernon Kay’s Tracks Of My Years on BBC Radio 2: “It’s a wow moment, it’s the big topic of conversation and has been now for all this whole lead time up to this moment with all of us.

“I’ve come to realise that it’s more than a concert, it’s more than the Pyramid Stage, it’s more than the slot, it’s an event, it’s a cultural event, it’s an annual stamp (and is a place that) hugely committed fans go to every year regardless of who the talent is.”

She added that it is a “bonding” event, and replied “no”, when asked about costume changes.

When asked why, she told Kay that it is “not Vegas”, a nod to her previous residencies in Las Vegas, which featured horses on stage.

Twain added that Glastonbury is “very, very different” and said “it’s all about hit songs”.

The singer has struggled with her voice in recent years following a bout of Lyme disease and did not release an album for 15 years until the record Now.

In 2018, she underwent open-throat surgery to repair damage done by the debilitating illness, and last year put out the record Queen Of Me.

While speaking about touring, Twain said she does not “love the travel”, and is not someone who is “partying on the bus”.

She also said: “After my recovery with my voice… something really, really changed and I thought, people, they’re the only reason I’m actually still doing this (music) live.

Shania Twain on Tracks Of My Years. (James Watkins/BBC)
Shania Twain on Tracks Of My Years. (James Watkins/BBC)

“Yeah, so, you know, there’s a definite appreciation that I have that is new and refreshed and, the audience is new and refreshed.

“I mean, a lot of these kids… they used to come when they were three, four or five with their parents, now they’re 23, 24, 25. (You are) watching the generations reconnect.”

Twain’s third Las Vegas residency began in May at the Bakkt Theatre at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino and she will return to that stage following shows in the UK including at BST Hyde Park in London.

Glastonbury is held from June 26 to June 30.

Tracks Of My Years is on BBC Sounds.