Senior Shelter Cat in Toronto is Enchanting Potential Adopters With His Mesmerizing Eyes


Bringing home a new cat can be exciting and joyful, but it also requires a lot of patience and decision-making. Even before you bring a new friend home, you'll need to have an idea about what kind of cat you're looking for! Do you want a more independent friend to be a kind of roommate? Are you hoping for an affectionate cuddle bug?

When you visit the animal shelter, it's important to let shelter staff know what you're looking for. This way, they can help you find your perfect match! The feline experts at Toronto Cat Rescue KW are no exception, and they're eager to find the best home for a precious senior shelter cat named Bazooka. There's so much to love about him, but his stunning eyes are positively enchanting!

OMG--what a beautiful cat! It's easy to see why these feline rescuers can't stop gushing about Bazooka's green eyes. They could mesmerize anyone into adopting him-- if only someone would give them a chance!

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Sadly, Bazooka is one of the senior cats at the shelter who are often overlooked. It's hard to say why sweet cats like him take so long to find homes, but it likely has something to do with the stigma against older cats. This dashing gentleman might be ten years old, but he has just as much love to give as any young cat or kitten in the shelter.

Besides--just look at him! Bazooka is darling from nose to tail, and his polite nature only adds to his irresistible nature. One commenter completely agreed, writing, "Those eyes and that color patch of fur from his chin down to his chest? Adorable!" Isn't it? This sweet boy cat even has a beard to match his aesthetic, and it is simply to die for. I'm flabbergasted at how he hasn't been adopted yet!

Senior Cats in the Shelter

As I mentioned, older cats tend to wait a lot longer in the shelter than their younger pals. And while it's easy to understand why potential adopters feel they can't chose a senior cat, it's still a heartbreaking situation.

Some people want to have as many years as possible with their new pal, while others feel they can't handle the finances or emotions of caring for a senior pet. These are completely fair points, but a little time spent with a shelter cat and their caretaker just might change your mind. Most older cats are in great health and lead the exact same lives as felines half their age!

I hope Bazooka's gorgeous eyes are enchanting enough to help someone have an open mind. This sweet boy, and every other senior shelter cat, has so much to offer the right adopter!

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