Senior Pug’s Spa-Like Bath Routine Is Enough to Lull Anyone to Sleep


Bathing your dog usually goes one of two ways - either your pup loves getting a bath or hates it. Loulou the Pug is a big fan of bathtime, and her mom shared a video at the end of April that shows us all just how much she enjoys it. After watching it, you'll probably be ready for a nap!

If you're into ASMR you'll definitely want to make sure your sound is on while you watch the short's definitely a minute of Zen. From the soothing spa music playing to Loulou's adorable little tippy taps as she's getting her fur blow dried, the entire video is so soothing!

If you weren't tired before you watched this video, you probably are now! It's so relaxing and peaceful. Loulou is such a good girl during bathtime and I'm jealous because my dog is pretty much a menace when it comes to taking a bath!

The 9-year-old senior dog has a lot of fans, and they left over 800 comments about the video. @Andrea Angelina said, "She is so good during her bath. I just wish my dogs would be that good. Thank you for sharing Loulou's life with us." @Sabrina said sweetly, "She's not senior.... SHE JUST A BABY!!!" and @Paigey joked, "It’s not normal to be this obsessed with a dog that’s not my own LOL!"

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Tips For Making Bathtime Bearable

Whether your dog is dramatic about bathtime or enjoys taking a bath, it's something that we all have to do for our pets. Many dogs don't like baths because they are afraid of water, so the first thing you have to do is get them used to being in water.

Playing in the hose or with water toys can help. If you're able to bath your dog outside instead of confined in a bathtub can help make the chore easier for some pet parents (like me); it's kind of one of those things you just have to try to see if it works for your pup. Another option is to skip the bath and put your pooch in the shower with you. We had a West Highland Terrier who would come running when she heard the shower turn on, hoping she could get in, too!

Before bathtime, wear your pup out. Take them for a walk, play some fetch, or do an exercise or play activity that they enjoy doing. They'll be less likely to fight the bath if they really are tired. Start with some basic grooming like nail clipping and ear cleaning. Set the mood by putting on some calming music and talking softly but with an excited tone to your voice. After bathing, have a fluffy, warm towel waiting to fold them in to, and don't forget to get excess water out of your pup's ears.

If you decide that bathing your dog yourself is too much to handle on your own, there's always mobile grooming professionals willing to take on the job. It can be pricey, but it can also save your sanity!

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