Senior Labrador Retriever Who Loves People Watching From Favorite Chair Is Beyond Sweet

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Dogs are not what one might call critical connoisseurs of entertainment option. The whole notion of “What is Art?” Is not a question that ravages the canine brain, and they can be as happy chasing a tennis ball as they are a squirrel, as contented sniffing a passing behind as they are an errant Cheeto. But they are nothing is not creatures of habit. They know exactly when the time for the evening walk commences, and will meet you at the door of your home office for their perambulation. My dog would put herself to bed at a certain hour every night, sparing us not the dirty glances that were meant to convey we were staying up entirely too late.

She also had her favorite spot in the yard, a raised, grassy knoll from which she could look over the top of our fence and out onto the street beyond. There, like a lioness, she was the master of all she surveyed.

Well, until a squirrel came by, that is.

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The yellow Labrador Retriever in this video enjoys a similar circumstance. Taisy is an eleven-and-a-half year old Lab, and she loves people-watching every morning from her favorite perch in a space room.

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The Lure of Watching Life Go By

“Taisy has always loved to stare out windows since she was younger,” writes her mother in this caption. “One day we pushed this chair up against the window and it’s been her spot ever since.“

It’s the sweetest thing in the world watching this elderly dog settle into her favorite chair for a lazy morning of watching the world go by. And people everywhere were entranced.

Some were impressed by the old’s dog solution to tired legs. “I have a Boxer who stares out the window for hours if you let him,” writes one person in comments. “He’s getting older now, and this might just be the perfect solution for him when his back legs start giving him worse trouble! Thank you for sharing Taisy with all of us and this wonderful idea as well!”

Others shared their own stories of pets keeping an eye on the goings-on of the neighborhood.“We just lost our sweet Fally at twelve-and-a-half years old,” wrote another viewer. “Her favorite spot was looking out the lower window in my craft room. Our eyes get teary as we pull up in the driveway and that face isn’t there waiting for us. Set up a side table with a snacks and a water bowl! Big smooches for her!”

And of course, because this is the internet, lots of people had firm opinions about how they were “doing it wrong” or “abusing their dog.”

“Try taking her on a walk sometime,” quipped one critic, apparently unaware that Taisy goes on daily walks.

“Your dog looks depressed,” said another. No, she looks content and sleepy. Everyone calm down.

Supporting Your Senior Dogs

But Taisy’s family loves her so much that they weren’t about to let honest advice about Taisy’s people-watching spot go unanswered.

“Petition to put a cushion under her chin,” suggested one person

“Cushion! Cushion! Cushion!” said another.

“You better get that baby a pillow for her head and an ottoman to climb up on,” advised a third.

“The people of the internet speak, and we listen,” said daisy’s mom, and supplied her pup with a soft cushion for her chin, a bit of decor, and a few snacks.

I doubt Taisy needs those to make her happy, but hey, she’s worth it.

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