Sanctuary Chooses Names for 3 Newly-Rescued Pigs and They Couldn't Be Sweeter

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It's a story with a very happy ending. Three rescue pigs have finally been named — and it's been a longtime coming. The rescues thankfully ended up in the hands of The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary in Missouri, who shared the happy news of their new names in a charming video online.

The sanctuary reunited the three grown pigs with their mama and brother earlier this year.

As the Gentle Barn showed in the footage, the sanctuary had lots of names picked out for the trio from their community of supporters. So they put them all in a basket and chose three at random. They then wrote the winning picks on some name reveal cakes for the pigs. Say hello to Jilly, Alice, and Peggy Jo!

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They join mama Dottie and little brother Jordan in the farm's care. What a family! And they all have such cool names.

People online were so in love with the pigs' new monikers. "Love the three names, very cute," wrote one commenter. "Thank you for saving these sweet piggies, great names!" someone else cheered. "You all are such wonderful people!!!! I love their names!" another person added. "They're sooo cute, I'm crying. You're doing an amazing, thank you," one commenter chimed in.

Dottie Ann and Her Babies

This story starts way before Jilly, Alice, and Peggy Jo got their names. It starts when The Gentle Barn first found Dottie Ann and her son Jordan wandering by a gas station. The sanctuary wanted to give them a good life, so they brought them back to their property.

Things changed again when they learned of Dottie Ann's three grown daughters.

"We took the girls to the vet then brought them home to the nursery," they explained in the caption. The animals needed a lot of TLC, so staff have been "reading to them, giving them enrichment toys, and offering them fun snacks along with their oats, grain, fruits and veggies."

It took some time for the pigs to acclimate, but they were recently ready to go to the yard together and "enjoy the sunshine." And now Gentle Barn staff can call them by their new names too. It was a win for the whole community, as the animal sanctuary noted themselves.

"We're so happy the whole family has been reunited in sanctuary and they're settling into their new lives together," they wrote. "It's thanks to your support that we're able to continue this work, keep families together, and give the animals memorable names to remind them they're loved, respected, and part of the family."

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