Rob Gronkowski's first pitch before the Red Sox's Patriots' Day game was typical Gronk

Rob Gronkowski doesn't break character. Maybe there's no character to break.

Gronkowski is always in Gronk mode, even when throwing out the first pitch before a Boston Red Sox game. The former New England Patriots tight end took the mound Monday to throw a first pitch before the team's annual Patriots' Day game, and he wasn't just throwing a lob up to the catcher.

Yep, he had a Gronk spike for the occasion.

Gronkowski was the grand marshal for the Boston Marathon on Monday. He'll be a legend in that area forever after being a big part of the Patriots' dynasty and also for his outsized personality.

Part of the Gronk experience was the Gronk spike after he scored a touchdown. He scored 93 during his amazing NFL career. Add one more Gronk spike to the baseball world.