Richard Osman teases exciting news and update for Thursday Murder Club


Watch Richard Osman tease exciting news and update for Thursday Murder Club

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Richard Osman has revealed the title of his new murder novel series - and it's already being made into a Netflix series before it has even been published.

The former Pointless host has become a best-selling author with his Thursday Murder Club series, which is being adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg. Osman's Thursday Murder Club novels have become an international hit, leaving readers around the world eagerly awaiting news of his next novel - so his appearance on Tuesday's This Morning included a welcome announcement for fans.

Now, Osman has offered his legions of fans another exciting update with the title of the first novel in his new murder mystery series and an announcement that Netflix has already snapped it up as a series.

Richard Osman has some exciting news for fans. (Getty Images/Alamy)
Richard Osman has some exciting news for fans. (Getty Images/Alamy)

What, how, and why?

Former Pointless host Osman had talked previously about taking a break from his Thursday Murder Club world to write a new series, and he revealed its title and plot details for the first time to hosts Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson.

Osman said: "I've done four Thursday Murder Club books and there will be more, there are more planned, but this year I've written a brand new book with brand new characters. I haven't ever told anyone the title, but we've got the front cover - We Solve Murders is the name of the book, it's out in September, it's a brand new series."

Richard Osman appeared on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)
Richard Osman appeared on This Morning. (ITV screengrab) (ITV screengrab)

He said of the plot: "It's about a detective duo, a father-in-law and daughter-in-law. He runs an investigations company in the New Forest but he doesn't really like leaving his village. All he likes is going home to his cat and making sure he does the pub quiz every Tuesday.

"His daughter-in-law is a close protection officer for billionaires so she's always flying on private jets. Her life is in danger so she has to send for the only person she can trust - which is her father-in-law. Suddenly, he's going round the world on private jets and he's not happy about it."

The author, whose previous books include a beloved cast of characters in a retirement home, added that there would be a third character "who's the world's best-selling crime novelist, she's like Jackie Collins". He promised: "It's got all the wit and humour of a Thursday Murder Club, but you're in St Lucia and you're in Dubai, it's such an absolute treat."

Osman revealed that his new lead character was inspired partly by himself as he said: "Whenever I have to go abroad, it's lovely but I always think I just want to sit at home and watch the snooker. I thought what if we have a hero who is forced to travel around the world on private jets and is not happy about it."

He had some more exciting news for fans, as he revealed Netflix has already snapped up the series months before its publication: "Netflix have bought the rights to We Solve Murders, which is great. So it could be a busy few years.

"Unless everyone reads We Solve Murders and goes, this is not for us. In which case they'll go quiet. But I think anyone who likes Thursday Murder Club will like it. A lot of it is the same. It's British humour, there's a few tears, it's solving murders."

What else happened on This Morning?

Richard Osman has left Pointless behind to concentrate on his writing career. (BBC/Remarkable Television)
Richard Osman has left Pointless behind to concentrate on his writing career. (BBC/Remarkable Television) (BBC/Remarkable Television, an Endemol UK company/Matt Frost)

Osman also shared an update on the long-awaited film adaptation of The Thursday Murder Club, which is being made by Steven Spielberg. He said: "Hopefully filming this August. Amazing casting news which I'm not allowed to say, but certainly one of the cast is someone that people always say to me, is so-and-so going to be in the film."

Doyle asked: "Judi Dench?" but Osman replied: "Craig you will not get it out of me. One of the names is someone I would not have thought of in a million years but is absolutely brilliant so I'm incredibly excited about it."

Osman also said that he had found stepping away from his well-known characters to write We Solve Murders difficult at first.

He said: "I was nervous at first, it's like going to a new school, you think can I do this? For the first few chapters I was like, you're not Joyce, you're not Ron. Then about three chapters in I went, oh my god, I love you.

"That's the moment when as a writer you go, I think this has got legs because if I like the characters and they're surprising me, I think the people at home will like them as well. I love it, who knows, but I love it."

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