Rhode Island Zoo's Endangered Tree Kangaroo Is Taking the Internet By Storm


An absolutely adorable tree kangaroo at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island is taking the internet by storm, and not just for how absolutely adorable this endangered animals is.

But also because most people have never heard of a tree kangaroo before!

The adorable TikTok video was uploaded by the account for the Roger Williams Park Zoo @Rwpzoo yesterday and the caption reads, " Can you handle this much cuteness?  This distinguished gent (arguably the handsomest tree roo around) is Morobe, the Matschie's tree kangaroo.He is just one of 14 incredible tree kangaroo species - and most people have never even heard of them!" The zoo went on to explain that yesterday was " #worldtreekangarooday - spread the word about these magical arboreal marsupials and his endangered species."

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People are totally shocked tree kangaroos are a thing! One person commented, 'I'm 36 years old..... HOW HAVE I NOT KNOWN TREE KANGAROOS EXIST!!??" Another added, "I just learned something new!! Didn't know about tree kangaroos but this sweetie is just too cute." Someone else said, "I was today years old when I learned tree kangaroos existed. Sooo cute!!" Still another person said, "Tree kangaroos!!! As if land kangaroos aren’t cute enough they gave us these beauties too."

What Are Tree Kangaroos?

Many species of tree kangaroos, like the little fella above, are threatened or endangered due to habitat destruction, hunting, and other human activities.They inhabit the tropical rainforests of New Guinea and far northeastern Queensland, along with some of the islands in the region.

Tree kangaroos are smaller than regular kangaroos and their body length ranges from about 16 to 37 inches. They have long tails and  their tail can be just as long or longer than heir entire body!

These cute marsupials primarily feed on leaves, fruits, flowers, and occasionally small invertebrates. Their diet can vary depending on the availability of food in their environment and if they are being raised in captivity or not.

Like other marsupials, female tree kangaroos have a pouch where their young (called joeys) develop after birth. Here's a clip of the zoo's tree kangaroo with her joey seen in the video above!

Now this is just cuteness overload!

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