Rescued Special Needs Bulldog's First Trip to Beach Has People in 'Happy Tears'

CC Alexandra Morrison Photo/Shutterstock

Most of us take a day at the beach for granted. But for the sweetest little Bulldog, Grizzwald, his first trip to the ocean is something special. The pup was this close to being put down. But now the special needs pooch gets to spend his summer days frolicking in the sun.

It was the first of many trips to the shore, we hope. Grizzwald seemed to have quite a time as he splashed and wandered along the shore.

The special needs pup's new owner brought him and his two fur-siblings to the water where they had the time of their lives. As the video from @roadogsrescue shows, the English Bulldog plodded along the shoreline before braving entering the water where he was caught off-guard by the tide. The Bulldog's mama hilariously came in and grabbed him before anything bad could happen. And then the two sat on the sand and watched the waves roll in. Awww, so sweet.

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"Grizzwald's first time at the beach since being saved from the shelter," the text overlay reads. "From almost being euthanized at the shelter to being a Roadog at the beach!" they joked in the caption.

Grizzwald has a whole group of fans over in the comments section. "This literally brought happy tears to my eyes! Seeing these precious babies getting a second chance at life! Thank you for all you do for them!" one commenter cheered. "I love his tracks in the sand! So cute, Thank you," someone else praised. "Ooooohh how sweet is that baby!!" cheered another person. "The best group of troublemakers I’ve seen! Adorable," one commenter gushed.

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to the Beach

The beach is a fun day out for everyone, and there are ways to make it even more fun for your fur-baby. Dogs need special equipment and preparation to keep them entertained, so take a look at a few ways to make the whole process a lot easier.

First things first, make sure you bring the right leash. While a shorter leash is good for walks, a 10 foot leash and a harness is actually more appropriate for the shore. It'll allow your dog to explore but keep them safe.

Just like you, your dog will need shade to keep it from getting too hot. Bring a portable dog bowl, water source (like a water bottle), and a tent or umbrella to keep them cool.

Did you know that dogs need sunscreen? They do! Especially if they're short hair dogs. Make sure the sunscreen is chemical-free and apply liberally before heading outside.

Dogs love the beach just like we do. Who knows? You might even run into Grizzwald while at the shore.

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