Rescue Dog Brings ‘Kidnapped’ Turtle Into the House and Mom’s Reaction Is Priceless


Many pet owners have cameras in their homes to keep an eye on what their pets are up to, and sometimes, the cameras catch some very funny scenes that play out. Take this one for instance; Peleliu Tae & Louie Mae are rescued dogs whose mom shares their day-to-day life on TikTok. At the end of May on what mom calls just another Wednesday morning, she shared a hilarious video that will crack you up!

The video starts with the camera showing us Peleliu sitting on the couch alone. A few seconds later, Louie comes in and hops up onto the couch, with something in his mouth that he's very interested in. For the next part, you'll want to make sure your sound is on so you can hear what mom has to say when she realizes her dog brought a turtle into the house!

Can you even imagine?! I would be freaking out like Louie's mom did! Commenters also were cracking up by mom's reaction. @Kaela.Bass said, "Honestly IDK what I would’ve done LOL!" @Emmy Lou laughed and pointed out, "The other dog so unbothered by it!" and @Alleschea added, "The Doberman is like “Dude mom’s gonna be mad at you.” Ha ha!" And @Oliver had a totally relatable comment, "The most dog parent comment ever “What the f*ck is that?!”

Of course, we are all wondering if the turtle was okay, and lucky for us mom said in the caption, "Mr. Turtle was completely unharmed and set free back where he was kidnapped." At least the story has a happy ending!

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Hilarious Moments of Animals Interacting with Other Animals

Some dog breeds have it in their blood to hunt prey. Years ago, our West Highland Terriers were always on the hunt for rabbits, snakes, and birds but fortunately never tried to bring them in the house, and for that I am thankful! Believe it or not, this isn't the first time that a dog has tried to gift his paw-rents by bringing a turtle inside. This Great Pyrenees found a turtle and thought it was a prize to be taken back to her room, or maybe she was just sneaking it back into the house so she could have a pet of her own!

Animals have such funny reactions to meeting other creatures that they have never seen before. This Great Dane found a frog in the pool and tried to play with it, and the frog didn't seem to be bothered by it at all. And there must be something about turtles that other animals are drawn to. The Tanganyika Zoo is located in Kansas and is home to a wide variety of animals including giraffes, lemurs, rhinos, monkeys, and more. They shared a video at the beginning of June showing one of their Gibbons crossing paths with a turtle, and neither of them knew what to think!

I love watching animals of different species interact with each other! Their curiosity and confusion always make me smile.

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