Rescue Beagle Who Was Given Away Is 'Flying High' with Loving New Family

Shutterstock / New Africa

A rescue Beagle abandoned by his original family certainly landed in clover, Not only does he never leave the side of his new adopted family, they even take him flying with them, on their own tiny plane!

In this video, we meet Remi the Beagle, an adorable pup who flies with his “parents” on their own private plane. He has taken to the air with the greatest of east, and can be seen glancing on the window here. In another video, he snoozes in the cockpit while it soars through the clouds.

And it stands to reason. After all, the world’s most famous dog pilot, the World War I Flying Ace (a.k.a. Snoopy), is also a Beagle.

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Rumi’s adventures take him far and wide with his new family, and it’s clear that he adores his forever home.

Flying With Your Dog

Obviously, if you are flying on a private plane as this family is, you get to take up the rules regarding what you do with your dogs on the flight. On commercial airlines, however, federal regulations require that all non-service animals are confined to carriers or in the cargo hold for the duration of the flight. Different airlines have different policies and fees in place when it comes to pups on board, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you book your ticket, and certainly before you board the plane.

And if you’re flying internationally, make sure to find out the arriving country’s policy as well. Some countries, like the UK, require all pets to be places in the cargo hold on flights into or out of the country.

Is a Beagle Right For You?

Sadly, the ordeal this dog went through is a fact of life for so many animals. While some people are forced to surrender their pups to shelters due to health, finances, and housing insecurities, many people acquire pets without really thinking through the ramifications of what they have signed up for. They only think about how “cute” a puppy is and not about the work required to take care of one.

Beagles are a highly social, friendly, and active dog originally bred for hunting, As such, they have a strong prey drive and need a lot of exercise to keep from becoming bored and possibly destructive. They are excitable and need strong training in their early days to learn proper behavior.

The breed is considered a good pet for families due to their temperament, size, and short hair, but every dog needs training, exercise, and companionship in order to make them into a “good dog.” And that’s up to the owner.

Because they are a hound dog, bred for baying and running after prey for long distances, such as in a fox hunt, they are also prone to roaming and getting lost. This, sadly, only contributes to the population of strays in the shelter.

Rumi, however, was one of the lucky ones. Instead of languishing in a shelter, waiting for someone to find him, he was discovered by people who treat their dog as if he’s part of their family, and know what he needs to thrive.

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