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Who will replace Nick Saban as the best coach in the SEC?

On today's episode, Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger and SI's Pat Forde share their thoughts on the future of the SEC after a very eventful offseason. Following spring meetings, they discuss the noticeable vibe shift among coaches and administrators now that Oklahoma and Texas have joined the conference.

They also unpack the glaring question of who will be the next great head coach to dominate the SEC after Nick Saban retired in January. Delleneger shares his favorite names to pay attention to, particularly Steve Sarkisian at Texas, Kirby Smart at Georgia, and Josh Heupel at Tennessee.

After the break, they reacted to recent news of pending legislation in North Carolina that would require UNC and NC State to play smaller programs in the state yearly. Wetzel shares an opportunity for UNC and NC State to proposition the state to give them more money to agree to this.

To wrap the show, Wetzel shares a story of a woman in Nebraska who turned out to be alive after being brought to a funeral home. They laugh over her resurrection being sparked by the Nebraska football program.

0:57 Who replaces Nick Saban?

31:15 UNC and NC State scheduling

49:22 Resurrection in Nebraska

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