The Repair Shop viewers in tears as bagpipes played for first time in 50 years

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Rhona Kenneth was delighted with The Repair Shop's work fixing her dad's bagpipes. (BBC) ((BBC / Ricochet))

The Repair Shop brought viewers to tears in unexpectedly emotional scenes as a woman heard her late father's bagpipes played for the first time.

Rhona Kenneth had brought her dad Jim's bagpipes to the workshop for some restoration work and told how they had last been played 50 years ago – adding that she had never heard him play them at all.

Fans of the BBC show were left in tears at the instrument's reveal, which included a pipe major performing her dad's favourite tune on them. Although The Repair Shop viewers are used to emotional scenes in the BBC One show, they didn't expect to be quite so moved by a set of bagpipes.

At first when Rhona brought in her late dad Jim's bagpipes, plenty of viewers commented to say they did not like the sound of the instrument – so they were surprised to find the item's reveal after fixing quite so emotional.

The Repair Shop s13,01-05-2024,3,Bagpipes, Arrival,,Ricochet,Ricochet
The bagpipes were played for the first time in 50 years. (BBC) ((BBC / Ricochet))

Talking about her dad's love of the bagpipes, Rhona said that they had moved house after she was born and he didn't drive so was unable to meet up with his pipe band. "When I came along he gave it up, so I've never heard him play," she said.

Jim died in 2019 and Rhona said it was a huge regret that she had never heard him play. She said: "I did ask him, before I got married, if he would take it up again. I think he was just so out of practise and him being old and not having that lung capacity to give it a go."

She added that the pipes had last been played in 1975. She said: "If they could be played even just once, to hear what they would sound like, I would be really grateful. But even if they were not to be played and just look a bit better, I would be grateful as well."

When Rhona saw the restored bagpipes, she said: "I can guarantee my dad's chin would be quivering now, a wee tear would be coming down."

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Rhona Kenneth finally heard the bagpipes played in emotional scenes. (BBC) ((BBC / Ricochet))

Rhona was brought to tears herself as she was introduced to a pipe major who was going to play her dad's bagpipes for the first time in 50 years. Asked what she wanted to hear, she said: "One of my dad's favourites and one that he asked to be played at his funeral was Flowers of the Forest."

Viewers were also emotional at hearing the tune played, as one person commented on X: "I was crying when he played the pipes." Someone else added: "Oh man, that made the tears flow."

"Nope, not greetin’ at the bagpipes," wrote one viewer. "Oh God, the bagpipes have broken me," commented someone else. Another person added: "Oh I do love bagpipes played well."

Another viewer wrote: "Never thought i'd get emotional over some bagpipes but here we are."

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Roald Dahl's old gate needed some heavy repairs last week. (BBC) ((BBC/Ricochet Ltd))

Last week, viewers were all making the same Only Fools and Horses joke about a broken down gate that used to belong to Roald Dahl.

One guest brought in the gate from a house she had just bought which used to belong to the late author's family but it needed so many parts fixing that viewers thought it would end up "like Trigger's broom" in the classic sitcom.

Summing up what many viewers thought, one person commented on X: "Reminds me of that bit in Only Fools and Horses, where Trigger says he had the same brush for 20 years, with 10 different heads, and 5 different handles."

The Repair Shop airs on BBC One at 8pm on Wednesdays.

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