Red Bull boss Christian Horner keen to move on after investigation

Christian Horner called for an immediate end to the intrusion into his personal life, on the day it emerged his accuser has been suspended following Red Bull’s investigation into “inappropriate behaviour” against the Formula One team principal.

Horner, 50, was allowed to remain in his role after Red Bull Racing’s parent company GmbH said last Wednesday that the grievance against him had been dismissed.

The PA news agency understands the complainant, a female employee of the Milton Keynes team, has now been suspended on full pay as a direct result of Red Bull’s inquiry.

Bahrain Grand Prix – Race – Bahrain International Circuit
Christian Horner said his wife, Geri Halliwell, has been “extremely supportive” (David Davies/PA)

A Red Bull Racing spokesperson said: “We are unable to comment as it is an internal matter.”

Horner, who has always denied the claims made against him, was asked about the development in a press conference ahead of this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

He said: “I am afraid I can’t comment on anything that is confidential between an employee and the company.

“There is a grievance process that takes place in any company, and that process is confidential between the individuals and the company itself.

“I am not at liberty, due to those confidentiality (reasons) and out of respect to the company, and the other party, we are all bound by those same restrictions.

“So even if I would like to talk about it, I can’t because of those confidentiality restrictions.”

The complainant is understood to have been told she acted dishonestly and received a legal letter at the beginning of this week. She has five working days, on receipt of the letter, to appeal against the outcome of the investigation which has cast an enormous shadow over Red Bull and the sport.

Horner, who walked through the paddock hand-in-hand with his wife, the former Spice Girls’ singer Geri Halliwell, prior to last weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, added: “My wife has been phenomenally supportive throughout this, as has my family, but the intrusion on my family is now enough and we need to move forward and focus on what we are here for, which is to go Formula One racing.

“I am very fortunate I have a beautiful family and a very supportive wife – but I am the only one that has been named in this.

“It is very trying and it is very challenging when there are children involved and there are families and parents involved. It is not pretty.

“But the reality is, is that there was a grievance that was raised, it was dealt with in the most professional manner, by the group, not by Red Bull Racing, but by the owners of Red Bull Racing, Red Bull GmbH, that appointed an independent KC, that is one of the most reputable KCs in the land, and he took time to investigate fully all of the facts.

“He interviewed all of the people involved as well as others of interest. He looked at everything and he came to the conclusion where he dismissed the grievance.

“As far as I am concerned, and as far as Red Bull are concerned, we moved on and we look to the future.

“The time now is to draw a line under it.”