Real Madrid: European Super League project is 'on standby'

Real Madrid's president insists the European Super League is still on standby. The Spanish giants have yet to officially pull out of the competition and Florentino Perez says it's 'completely wrong' to believe the project is over.

"We're going to continue working," said Perez. "The project is on standby."

Speaking on Spanish radio, Super League chairman Perez said the project was alive as all 12 clubs "have not left yet".

"You cannot get out of the contract like this - they are binding contracts," he added.

Perez also claimed one of English football's 'big six' were unconvinced about the project from the start.

"There was someone in the English group that didn't have much interest, I won't say who," he said.

"That began to infect others, who are also people of an age, and who are perhaps afraid because they did not understand anything of what was happening.

"We all signed a binding agreement, but I think one was never very convinced."