Rapper Blueface stabbed at boxing gym in Los Angeles

An unknown man stabbed controversial rapper Blueface at a boxing gym Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The “Thotiana” artist, whose legal name is Johnathan Porter, shared Instagram videos of an argument leading up to the incident.

According to Blueface, the assailant entered a boxing gym where he was working out around 10 a.m. The man had a dog with him and carried a knife, Blueface said.

The attacker allegedly entered the gym and immediately threatened multiple times to kill Blueface, boxing trainer David Kaminsky told TMZ.

Blueface was working out on a punching bag. The dog walked over to him first, followed by the man, according to the videos the rapper shared. Blueface and the man then started yelling back and forth at each other, while Kaminsky stood in between them trying to break it up.

As the shouting continued, Blueface walked around Kaminsky and punched the man multiple times. The two then separated, and Blueface said the man pulled a knife and charged at him. He shared a close-up clip of his wounds wrapped in a towel.

The attacker has not been identified, arrested or charged with a crime, according to TMZ.

Blueface was scheduled to fight an amateur boxing match on Oct. 14. However, he said he won’t recover from his injuries in time for the bout.

The 26-year-old started boxing in addition to his music career. He has defeated two TikTokers in two amateur bouts: Kane Trujillo in July 2021 and Ed Matthews in April 2023.