Ragdoll Cat's Fluffy 'Glow-Up' After 8 Months Out of Shelter Is Incredible

CC Snowice_81/Shutterstock

A Ragdoll's cat stunning before and after has people emotional all over the internet. The rescue kitty was looking a little run down while in the care of the shelter where they came from. But now, mere months after being adopted by her owner Jade, Tuna is looking like a whole new cat.

It's amazing what a good home can do for an animal. Even if they're at a shelter where they are treated well, a loving owner can't be beat.

It must be all the individualized love and care the animals receive. As the video of Tuna's "glow up" shows, the cat went from a scraggly Ragdoll kitten to a healthy adult cat. Just the change in the quality of her fur is pretty amazing. She looks so alert and healthy now! You can really see that the cat has come into her own.

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"The cat I brought home from the shelter 8 months ago then vs. now," Jade wrote in the text overlay.

We can only imagine how much happier the cat is now too. Commenters were all about Tuna's change in appearance. "The lil' poof turned into a BIG poof," joked one person. "Beautiful!!!" someone else exclaimed. "Fluffy baby," a third commenter praised.

How Big Are Ragdoll Cats?

Known for being pretty cats with gentle spirits, many people don't realize that Ragdoll cats are actually pretty huge. Not quite as large as Maine Coon Cats or Savannahs, Ragdolls are on the larger side. They grow from mere inches long to being one of the biggest breeds around.

At birth most Ragdoll cats will weigh about 6 or 7 ounces and are about 4 to 5 inches long. At the end of their first month, Ragdoll cats only weigh 1 pound and are 6 to 6.5 inches long. By the end of their first year, they'll be 14 to 16 inches long and weigh about 6 to 8 pounds. And by 2 years they'll be anywhere from 16 to 18 inches long — giant, in cat terms — and weigh 11 to 15 + pounds.

Ragdolls reach their full height in their fourth year, although they may be mostly grown by the time they are 2. Their size ultimately depends on whether or not they receive the proper nutrition and on their genes.

No matter what their size is, these cats are the most loving companions. These two must make each other so happy — you can see it in the way that Tuna shines.

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