Ragdoll Cat 'Mimics' Screaming Kids by Meowing and It's Internet Gold

CC Snowice_81/Shutterstock

It's hard to know what exactly is going on in a cat's brain. They clearly see the world so differently than we do. One cat recently had his owner cracking up with the strange misunderstanding he had with a bunch of kids. Let's just say the cat really got things mixed up.

Louie was out shopping with his mama when the misunderstanding happened.

It's easy to see how the mistake happened. The Ragdoll was in his little stroller at the store when he heard some kids screaming. Normal stuff for a day out at the mall, right?

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Well Louie sort of thought the kids were meowing — so he "mimicked" their meows right back to them. Oh Louie, you hilariously mistaken creature, you.

"Louie meows on command when he wants to and the command is me meowing at him," his owner explained in the caption."He thinks meowing back and forth is a game."

"When we passed the children (I had stopped recording) he continued to meow while staring at them," she added. "He’s never mimicked someone other than me before."

Well there's a first time for everything, isn't there? People in the comments section couldn't get over Louie's mistake. "He just wants to be included!" wrote one person. "He’s like why are we screaming????" another person quipped. "You tell em Louie!" someone else cheered. "He’s such a copycat," one commenter added with a laugh.

Reasons Why Cats Mimic Their Humans

Louie isn't unique in his ability to mimic, it's actually a trait that many cats share. This happens for lots of reasons, but you may notice that your cat has patterns similar to you.

The truth is that cats start learning from each other, and their humans, from birth. They're always taking things in. These clues into behavior can be very important to cats and teach them important life skills. Like grooming, which they learn from their mother from birth. They also observe other skills like hunting and how to survive in a wild environment from their mothers too.

If you notice your cat picking up on what you do, it can also be an attention-seeking mechanism. Cats know they can get you to notice them through mimicry and they want your focus and your praise.

Cats might also mimic humans to learn how to get what they want. What better way to get access to a running faucet than by observing your human turn the tap on and off?

In short, cats are mimics because they're intelligent creatures. We guess being a copycat really pays off.

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