Puppy's reaction to Total Eclipse of the Heart goes viral

A golden retriever puppy has gone viral on TikTok with over 10.6 million views after his hilarious reaction to Bonnie Tyler's hit song, Total Eclipse of the Heart. In the video, filmed on 15 March, owner Daniel Sutton, 25, from Colorado, US, is in the lounge of his home, with the camera fixed on the adorable Benny.

Total Eclipse of the Heart can be heard in the background and each time Tyler sings "turn around", the clever and obedient pup does just that – showing off a little twirl to its owner.

Roars of laughter can be heard in the background each time and people online have been left in stitches too.

“I love how the dog is doing what the song is saying,” wrote one person.

“This.... this sparks joy,” added another.

“We had been teaching Benny [the] 'turn around' trick for about a week, just getting him to spin in a circle in both directions when asked,” said Sutton.

“We were watching TikToks and one came on with the 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' song as the music.

"Benny started turning around when he heard the words, so we immediately jumped up and started filming.

“He has always been such a smart dog, he has learned so many ticks even being as young as he is - like a bow, roll over, high five, shake, crawl, down.

"But he has never done one just by listening to a song.

“He is such a people-pleaser and just loves to make people smile.

"I guess he thought we were just asking him to turn around.” Sutton, a professional golfer, got the 18-week-old puppy on 12 February.

Talking about the day his pup went viral, he added: “It was just a normal Monday for us.

"Honestly, it was a highlight of our day – being in a pandemic for over a year it's the little things that make you smile, we think that's why it got so popular!

"Everyone needs a little extra joy and light in their lives.

"We were absolutely shocked.

"It was hysterical.

"We couldn't stop laughing.

"Like I said, we had been working on the trick for a while but we never imagined he would listen to the words in a song and perform it!

“It has been absolutely insane.

“We were completely shocked how viral it had gone.

“Honestly, we just couldn't believe it.

We were excited when it reached 10,000 views on TikTok – let alone the 10.6 million views it has now.

“It does make us smile every time we watch it, and that's why we started his TikTok in the first place.

“Just to bring a little extra joy and light to someone's day.” “Who doesn't love silly puppies?"