Pup Has the Cutest Apology After Accidentally Scratching Her Mama

CC Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock

Your dog is your precious angel from Heaven, but even still they can make mistakes. Dogs are so smart that they might know when they've done you dirty. Take one Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who had the sweetest way to make things up to their mama after accidentally giving her a scratch.

Macey is a 3-year-old pupper who has endless energy. But that sort of got her in trouble recently.

As the video from Macey's mama shows, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, could tell she messed up immediately.

"You just scratched me!" her mama exclaimed. "You have just hurt me! You just have," she added.

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We don't know how Macey's owner could possibly stay mad at her though. The Terrier reached up for her with her front paws and kept trying to jump up. It's almost like she was trying to give her a hug.

"Is that you're saying sorry, is it?" the woman asked.

In the end, the rift was nothing that a few kisses from Macey couldn't fix. "The seal is sorry," the caption reads.

The comments section didn't hold it against the "land seal" either. "It’s giving 'I’m just a baby' vibes," joked one woman. "The little sneeze to let you know she's playing," someone else pointed out. "'You've just scratched me' 'uppies,'" a third person wrote. "Awwww she’s like forgive me mom," another woman teased.

Do Dogs Know Right From Wrong?

As cute as Macey's "apology" was there's a good chance that the dog didn't actually know that she'd hurt her mom.

Dogs aren't born knowing what the rules of a household are. They usually exhibit specific behavior to meet specific goals like getting food, getting water, playing, or finding a comfortable place to rest. But won't exactly know what behaviors are "acceptable" until you teach them.

Over time your dog will start to get the picture, but that doesn't mean they understand that the behavior is wrong to do — even when you aren't around. When your dog does break the rules, they probably aren't considering if it's "right" or "wrong." Instead they'll be too focused on getting what they're angling for, like sneaking human food from their owner's plate. The sad truth is that your dog will probably not even remember making the decision to disobey you.

That might seem pretty disappointing, but the truth is that dogs need to be trained and need boundaries. Just don't expect them to apologize the next time they ruin your favorite shoes.

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