Precious Cockatoo Who 'Misses Daddy' Has Everyone in Their Feelings

CC Chittima Stanmore/Shutterstock

Birds don't have the reputation for being affectionate. But that doesn't mean they don't love. A Cockatoo on the internet certainly proves it. They were caught on camera pining for their owner. And the sweet way they ask about their "daddy" has people getting emotional online.

Poor Penny. She really, really wanted to know where her dad was.

As the video posted on her TikTok page @pennythecockatoo shows, the moody bird was staring outside when she lamented that her owner was nowhere to be seen.

"What's the matter, pretty girl. Huh?" the Cockatoo's female owner asked from off-screen.

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"I don't know," the bird replied. But she did know. Perhaps she was being coy. "Where's dad?" she said. "Where's daddy?" she asked.

"Daddy will be back," the bird mama assured her pet. But that wasn't a good enough answer for Penny.

"I'm mad at you," she said. "I miss daddy."

Awww, she's just a girl who loves her dad. She was really worried too.

Commenters felt for Penny, who seemed so sad. "Awww .. still daddy’s little girl," one person wrote in the comments section. "You better get daddy!!" another person demanded. "Awww, they all love their daddy," a third commenter gushed. "Sweet Penny," one person chimed in.

Cockatoos Are Affectionate

Again, it's not very often that we think of birds when we think of affectionate animals. But that simply isn't true. Cockatoos are very smart and loving towards their humans. So it makes sense that Penny had grown attached to her daddy and was sad when he wasn't around.

Cockatoos aren't without their issues, however. These birds can be sort of high maintenance. They need lots of attention and plenty of time outside of their cages. That being said, these birds are used to being social and will appreciate being part of a family.

In the wild, Cockatoos live in colonies. So they need social interaction or else they start exhibiting bad behaviors and can even be downright destructive. When left alone too long these birds can become boisterous, will start chewing on furniture, and might even scream for attention. They also need lots of pets. Basically, if you're looking for a low-effort pet, these guys are not it.

That doesn't mean they aren't worth the work, however. Cockatoos are entertaining pets, who will talk to you and show you so much love. Just look at Penny! She didn't want to be away from her owner for even a second.

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