Potty-Mouthed Parrot Seeks Loving Forever Home in New York

The Niagara SPCA is seeing a home for a very special adoptable animal in their care. This animal is a beautiful Parrot named Pepper and potential adoptees need to have experience with birds and appropriate housing.

And they also need to be willing to provide a loving forever home to a bird that swears like a sailor.

The Niagara SPCA posted on Facebook, in part, "Forget does Polly wanna cracker? Does Pepper wanna kick your a$$?! is the real question.Somebody get this guy a bar of soap or a humor-loving home!Pepper and friends (a Sun Conure named Peanut and 6 Parakeets) will be available for adoption next week. Give us a call if you want to add a spicy Pepper to your life!Pepper is a White-fronted Amazon and yes, he swears. But only a little.Serious inquiries only. Must have bird experience and appropriate housing. Calls will be returned next week."

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If you are interested in giving this saucy bird a home, you can contact the Niagara SPCA at their website here.

Like other large parrots, a White Fronted Amazon can live around 40 years or past fifty years, so adopting a bird like Pepper is a serious commitment. As far as their personalities, petGuide explains that "These big and intelligent parrots make wonderful family pets. Whether it’s their talkative nature or the energetic need for fun, your Amazon parrot will always have you entertained – but never annoyed. With a natural knack for memorizing and repeating complex sentences or even entire songs, you can count on always hearing a new “anecdote” or a fresh melody."

How To Teach a Parrot To Talk

It takes a lot of practice and patience. <p>Unsplash/Umar Kashif</p>
It takes a lot of practice and patience.

Unsplash/Umar Kashif

As with teaching any pet a skill, patience and consistency are key. Some parrots learn to speak on their own and mimic their owners, television shows, or sounds they hear throughout the day, and other parrots need a bit more encouragement. African Greys and Amazon parrots are considered among the best talking parrots.

Younger parrots have an easier time with speech training, A baby parrot will carefully listen to the sounds in its environment and attempt to mimic those noises. Talk frequently to your parrot, greet it each morning, and explain what you are doing. When you hand them a pice of fruit, tell them what fruit it is. When it's time for bed, wish them a goodnight. Your parrot will take its cues from you, as you are a "flock member," so it will absorb and emulate the routines you establish. This includes the sounds it hears in its environment.

Also, provide positive reinforcement and rewards when your bird repeats a word to you. This will only make them want to repert that word again, so make sure the word you are teaching them is one you wouldn't mind your grandmother or child hearing!

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