Poll: Sadiq Khan Holds 'Commanding' Lead In London Mayor Race

<span class="copyright">Jordan Pettitt - PA Images via Getty Images</span>
Jordan Pettitt - PA Images via Getty Images

Sadiq Khan holds a “commanding” lead over Tory Susan Hall in the London mayoral race, a new poll has found.

The Savanta survey for Centre for London showed the incumbent Labour mayor on 50% and Hall on 26%.

Khan is hoping to secure a third term running the capital when voters go to the polls on May 2.

Chris Hopkins, political research director at Savanta says, said “time is running out” for Hall to close the gap.

But he said there was one “glimmer of hope” for the Tory candidate as some Khan supporters could be tempted to vote Green.

“Our research suggests that significant proportions of both Khan and Hall voters would consider voting for other candidates, but that is likely to present a greater threat to Khan as the incumbent, than Hall,” he said.

“His big polling leads might mean some of his core vote - including young Londoners - could believe it’s ‘safe’ to go for the Greens, despite a new voting system making this a riskier strategy for those that are unenthused by Khan but ultimately prefer him to the Conservative candidate.”

He added: “Coupled with Susan Hall’s voters looking mainly at Reform UK - an unproven electoral machine with limited popularity in London - if any one of the main candidates could be squeezed, Khan looks most likely”

The poll put the Lib Dem candidate Rob Blackie on 10%, the Green Party Candidate Zoë Garbett on 9% and Reform UK’s candidate Howard Cox on 2%.