Pit Bull Mix named 'Big Top' Who Just Celebrated 12th Birthday Is Hoping for the Ultimate Gift

Austin Pets Alive!

An absolutely adorable Pit Bull mix who just celebrated his 12th birthday is looking for a forever home after his owner sadly passed away.

'Big Top' is said to be a very loving dog but he's having a hard time finding a family to call his own because he needs to be the only pet in the house.

In an email Austin Pets Alive! explains, "Big Top’s life started off rough. He was found in a dumpster with ants crawling all over him and his two surviving siblings. They found their way to Austin Pets Alive! soon after, this tiny puppy found his adoptive home. His new dad loved him beyond belief, and they spent nearly 11 years together."

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Big Top’s human sadly passed away in 2023, landing him back at APA!. Despite his loving nature, he’s having a harder time being placed in a home because he needs to be the only animal.“We are shining light on the human-only home needs some dogs have,” says Luis Sanchez at Austin Pets Alive!. “These pups make amazing companions and have the ability to build really strong bonds with their humans. Our hope right now is that Big Top finds a home, so he gets to live his days loved and cozy with a family of his own.”

If you have are looking for a dog to call your own and you are in the Austin area, please contact Austin Pets Alive! at their website here to learn more about Big Top or any of the other wonderful pets they have available for adoption, or to make a donation.

Why Adopting a Senior Dog Is a Wonderful Choice to Make

Senior dogs deserve to live out their golden years before they cross the rainbow bridge in a home full of all the love and care they deserve. Many dogs don't do well in shelters, and a dog who has lived all their life with one owner only to be surrendered may have a more difficult time with kennel stress. Adopting a senior dog means you will be freeing up kennel space for another deserving pet to find a home.

Finally, senior dogs are so loving and grateful and have a lot of life left to live. If you are interested in adopting a senior dog, please check with your local animal shelter or humane society.

Here's hoping adorable Big Top finds a forever family to call his very own soon!

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