Picnic for Three-Legged Dogs in San Francisco Breaks Records and Steals Hearts All Over

Get ready for your daily dose of cuteness overload! In San Francisco Sunday at Little Marina Green the (unofficial) world's largest gathering of three-legged dogs took place when 94 tripod pups gathered to celebrate their unique and adorable selves.

The event was organized by the Tri-Pawed Picnic’s founder and lead organizer, Piedmont resident Franny “Panny” Corsick.

According to the San Francisco Standard, "More than anything, it gives people a chance to share stories about their dogs."

Attendee Judy Richardson arrived with her tripod pup Luna Bean and said "It’s great to walk around and meet the dogs and say, ‘Oh, how did your dog lose its leg?’” Richardson said. “And just exchanging information and a lot of ‘awwws.’ It’s truly a social event. It’s fabulous.”

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What a wonderful event that truly showcases that even though a dog may not have four legs, they are just as lovable and joyous as any other dog. Events like these also encourage potential adopters to give these precious pups a chance.

What To Consider Before Adopting a Special Needs Pet

All dogs deserve all the love they can stand.<p>Shutterstock/Samuel Triggs</p>
All dogs deserve all the love they can stand.

Shutterstock/Samuel Triggs

Anytime you adopt a pet from a shelter it's a very noble thing to do, but adopting a pet with special needs is a very noble act of compassion, and it will reward you in ways you never though possible.

Disability among special-needs animals ranges from the physical, like a dog with three-legs, to behavioral.

These may include things physical disabilities, chronic health conditions, behavioral issues, or emotional trauma. You have to think about whether you have the time, resources and willingness to give these special pets all the care and affection they deserve.

You have to take your finances into consideration, and you need to have access to a veterinarian who has experience and expertise in treating special needs dogs. And we all know that those vet visits can be pricey, not to mention any special adjustments made to your home for a mobility challenged dog, or a special diet they may require. If you are considering adopting one of these cats and dogs, most rescues which you adopt from can help you determine what your new pet needs and how best to care for them.

You have to take your emotional health into consideration. Losing a pet is always heartbreaking, but when you take on a pet with special needs, you need to keep in mind that their time with you may be shorter than you'd like.

It's a wonderful thing to adopt a pet with health problems, but you have to be emotionally, financially and mentally ready. These precious animals deserve all the love and care in the world.

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